Companion v02

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Companion v02 cover

Japanese: ツレビト (Tsurebito)
English: Companion
Author: 吉富昭仁 YOSHITOMI Akihito
Amazon: Japanese


The story of Companion follows a high school girl, Mako, into the afterlife. To be more precise, the space between life and death. Mako finds that there’s more to being dead than simply going straight to heaven. There are people who must take you from death to the gate that leads to the afterlife. They are Companions.


This may contain spoilers, you have been warned.

First off, I don’t have any scans of this volume to show off to you guys, so you’ll just have to take my word on it when I say Yoshitomi has some amazing double page spreads in this volume, much like he did in the previous one. Each of the six chapters in this volume has at least one extremely beautiful double page that just makes you stop and stare. Most of these pages have no dialogue or anything so it’ll make you stop and look at the picture. Yoshitomi is really good at just showing what’s going on through his artwork rather than telling you like a lot of the more popular artists. Sure he explains things here and there about the world, so not everyone’s perfect.

Speaking of the world, towards the end of the volume we learn that Companions are a lot like vultures. They wait at places where people die frequently like intersections and hospitals. Waiting for people to die so they can escort their souls to the other side. Some of them have formed small enclaves at hospitals, waiting their turn to take the next soul across. Most of them don’t even tell the souls that they can become a Companion, or that they have the option to stay inbetween worlds. It’s pretty heartless when you think about it. But then again, they’re dead and that’s the only way they can stay just where they are.

On to the topic of the story, I’ve found it quite enjoyable so far. Almost the entire volume is about the Wraith that Mako is supposed to escort that we were introduced to at the end of the first volume. Mako begins this volume with Aya telling her not to run away from the work she must do. But then her thoughts sort of deteriorate and we see her waking up in bed. Thinking that she dreamed the whole thing. So she goes through her everyday life and we’re introduced to a new character, a guy named Saburo who appears to be the neighborhood nice guy. Friends with all the kids because he hangs out and plays with them. He’s also an older brother of sorts to Mako.

Mako thinks she could be falling in love with him, but that’s when things start to go a little weird. Everything starts to flow weirdly behind Mako’s back, and we even see the Wraith a few times, once in a reflection where Saburo should be. The whole sequence of events plays out like a creepy, slow-moving horror movie. The good kind, of course. I’ll try not to spoil too much there, but I really enjoy the turn of events this sequence takes.

In the end, the second volume of Companion is just as enjoyable if not moreso than the first volume. I hope to read more of this series and highly recommend you guys give it a try. I’m personally translating this and Strays is scanlating it.

Rating: ****/*****


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