The Wicked Eye Flies to the New Moon

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The Wicked Eye Flies to the New Moon cover

Japanese: 邪眼は月輪に飛ぶ (Jagan ha Gachirin ni Tobu)
English: The Wicked Eye Flies to the New Moon
Author: 藤田和日郎 FUJITA Kazuhiro
Amazon: Japanese


The mountain gods have sent down a punishment to the people of Japan. An owl by the name of Minerva. All who fall under this owl’s gaze die, their eyes spurting out blood. One man stood up to the owl, a famous hunter by the name of Uhei, however just as he was about to loose the finishing bullet, he was interrupted by the American army taking the owl into their care for study.

Thirteen years later, an American warship crashes into a Tokyo harbor, and all the men on board are dead, their eyes bleeding. The owl has been freed, and it now rampages throughout Tokyo, killing at random and in mass amounts. The American government has decided that only Uhei can help them. So they send the Delta Force and CIA out to see just how the bird can be brought down…


This may contain spoilers, you have been warned.

The first thing I want to talk about in here is the art. So let’s get some examples up, shall we?

The Wicked Eye Flies to the New Moon p006-007 The Wicked Eye Flies to the New Moon p042

The art looks a little bit rough, but I think it really works for the series. The characters are all well drawn, the guns, the backgrounds, and our main character the owl all fit well together. None of the art ever threw me out of the story as out of place or anything of the sort. Even when there was a standard young girl being angry, Fujita didn’t fall into the trap of drawing shitty little chibi versions. Always a plus in my book.

The art aside, the main thing that drew me into this particular short was the main antagonist, a simple owl. It plays such an amazingly evil role in this series yet it doesn’t do anything more than what a normal owl would do behavior-wise. Well, aside from flying about during the day and killing everyone that it happens to look at. Just a normal owl. It doesn’t talk. It doesn’t have much of a personality. It’s just an owl. That alone is really a kind of refreshing villain to see in manga these days. Most of the time our villains will have speaking parts, thoughts, monologues, and personal reasons for doing what they do. The owl? He just flies around killing stuff while looking for a nest, a partner, and food. Just trying to survive like any other creature.

The Wicked Eye Flies to the New Moon p023

But with all of the destruction and human lives it takes, it must be brought down and destroyed. There’s a lot of depth to this little story and the characters, despite the short one volume length. Not all of the characters are as they seem, and a couple of them have their own stories to tell, so you learn to identify with them.

That’s all well and good, but seriously, if you want my opinion (and chances are you might if you’ve read this far already) I read this just for the owl. I mean, come on. That is the manliest freaking owl I have ever seen. You see guys like Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star blowing people up with his fingers, or Victor Freeman from Blaster Knuckle knocking facing ridiculous monsters with just his fists and a shotgun strapped to the back of his hand, and you think, “Man, these guys are fucking manly.” But then this owl comes along and kills hundreds of thousands of people just from looking at them. Not to mention the ending of the story. I won’t ruin it for you, but let’s just say our owl friend one-ups Raoh.

In the end, I really, really enjoyed the story and everything about this manga, and would recommend it to anyone out there looking to spend an hour or two reading some fun violence with a pretty well-written story.



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