Original! Reinforced Urayasu Family v01

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Original! Reinforced Urayasu Family v01 Cover

Japanese: 元祖!浦安鉄筋家族 (Ganso! Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku)
English: Original! Reinforced Urayasu Family
Author: 浜岡賢次 HAMAOKA Kenji
Amazon: Japanese


Ohsawagi Kotetsu and friend Doitsu Jin, as well as all of their friends and family from Reinforced Urayasu Family are back for even more trouble in this sequel. Jin, Kotetsu, and the rest of the kids are moving into the 3rd grade, and they’ve got a new teacher who’s willing to beat them in line. Be prepared for some insane antics, fecal matter, fart jokes, fat kid battles, and much, much more zany fun.


This may contain spoilers, you have been warned.

That being said, it is really hard to spoil a gag manga since there’s not a long continuous story where everything from the previous chapters matter. Which is one thing that I love about gag manga, and especially this one. You can start reading them at any given point in time and still have fun with the jokes. Granted it’s better if you read it from the beginning so you can get used to the characters, but that’s not really needed. Anyway, on to the review.

Original! Reinforced Urayasu Family v01 p018

Artwork is kind of reminiscent of a highly detailed Beavis and Butthead comic. Not the most amazing art-style ever, but it does help that Hamaoka Kenji can draw well enough that the art helps the manga rather than hinders it. That being said, I actually kind of like the style Hamaoka uses here. It really fits the gag atmosphere of the whole manga and there’s also little surprises to be found in almost every single page. So it’s definitely encouraging to look at least a little more carefully at the backgrounds for a good laugh. Hell, if you could get some friends together you might even be able to make a drinking game out of it.

Original! Reinforced Urayasu Family v01 p010 Original! Reinforced Urayasu Family v01 p030

On top of the artwork being pretty decent, I find each of the jokes themselves quite amusing. Each chapter is about 12 pages long so things don’t get dragged out too long. There aren’t any double chapters with TO BE CONTINUED at the end so you’re guaranteed a good quick read with at the very least a giggle here and there, maybe your head in your hands, or a hurt stomach. The humor ranges from kind of topical to just outright wrong or disgusting, so there’s probably a little something for everybody in it.

Original! Reinforced Urayasu Family v01 ch07 p07 Original! Reinforced Urayasu Family v01 ch10 p09 Original! Reinforced Urayasu Family v01 ch12 p02

Okay fine, most of it is kind of gross. But I still find a lot of it pretty damn funny.

My favorite character introduced in this first volume is definitely Ohsawagi Daitetsu, Kotetsu’s dad. In one of the chapters he crashes through his own family’s front gate with his taxi cab just because he’s in a hurry to take a piss. He’s also a ridiculously rabid smoker, smoking what looks like about 90 packs a day. Okay, that’s just exaggeration, but he does constantly have a cigarette in his hand and/or mouth. One of my favorite scenes from this volume is in the third thumbnail above where Daitetsu and his buddies are sitting around playing rock, paper, scissors, but doing it with smoke instead of their own hands.

Regardless, a lot of these jokes can probably be seen as really Japanese and as such, not as many Western readers will find them as funny. Kind of disappointing to me, as I am quite a big fan of this manga, but at least I can recognize that not everyone will love this.

My suggestion? Try a few chapters. If you find them remotely funny, keep reading. It just keeps getting better the more you read into the volume.


(English versions thanks to Bakafish.)



  1. Raist said,

    I fell in love with the few translated anime episodes I could and would love to see English translated editions available of this manga. Growing up on Ren & Stimpy and Beavis and Butthead I can relate to this kind of humor. Unfortunately, it seems as of now, impossible to find any active English translated versions of the anime and manga which is such a shame. This is untamed humor that young people love.

  2. ookii said,

    where can i find the mangas???

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