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Japanese: おとん
English: Oton (Or, Father)
Author: 猿渡哲也 Saruwatari Tetsuya
Amazon JP: Volume 1


Oton is a volume of shorts by Saruwatari Tetsuya that tell the story of Miyazawa Seiko, the father of the main character Kiichi in Tough. There are four short stories in here and the first three are about Miyazawa Seiko. The fourth is about Kiryu, another character from Tough. Manliness and badassery abound, be prepared for some good old face-punching and references to actual events in the real world in a way that only Saruwatari Tetsuya can deliver.


This may contain spoilers, you have been warned.

If the above four pages don’t just scream “READ ME MOTHER FUCKER OR YOUR HEAD WILL BE RIPPED OFF AND PLACED ON MY MANTLE”, I don’t know what ever would. That man is the main driving force behind this volume of shorts. Mr. Miyazawa (not to be confused with Mr. Miyagi) is all that is man, and quite possibly the best father anyone could ever want. He is a good man, and knows when it’s time to kick the living hell out of the bad dudes. Generally all the time. He sets things right for people whenever it’s within his power to do so, and he does it with a fist made of steel.

The first three short stories that are about him basically show off what a ridiculously good person he is. All the while showing him beating up punks, “fixing” bad fathers, and taking on old rivals who kidnap his employers. He’s just an all around badass when it comes to fighting and the like. So if that’s the kind of thing you want to read about, then definitely pick up this book.

Oh, we’re not done yet though. I haven’t talked about the fourth short which is, to me, the real highlight of volume. I’m sure you’ll all agree. It’s about Kiryu’s American Adventures!

Well, kind of anyway. Most of it actually occurs in Afghanistan. I’m not going to ruin the surprise, but let’s just say that Kiryu’s probably the reason that 9/11 occurred. We also have some guest appearances!

All in all though, if any of the above about Mr. Miyazawa didn’t convince you to go find Oton, then this pretty much should. Kiryu is basically hired by George W. Bush to go and find his daughter who has been kidnapped and is currently in Afghanistan. Kiryu does it the only way he knows how. By kicking shit tons of ass with his bare hands. And when I say shit tons of ass, I mean shit tons.

The artwork is pretty standard for a Saruwatari Tetsuya work. That is to say it’s gotten pretty decent over the years. I’ve heard complaints about his art style, but I’ve never had any problems with it personally. It’s detailed enough, his backgrounds and landscapes look nice, the gore is always excellent, and, well, the characters tend to just look fucked up or badass. So yeah, the artwork is quite good.

If you’re a man, you will find this and read it. That’s all I really have to say.




  1. wooooo said,


  2. Kai said,

    I could understand why you say how “a ridiculously good person” Seiko is. I have never seen anyone like him in real life. Just a bunch of hypocrite we see everywhere

  3. Nowy projekt – Oton – Projekt K7 M&A said,

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