MANga of Taste is a review site for the lesser known (and arguably much more fun and interesting) manga to come out of Japan in past and recent years. Many of the series found here will not be widely known to a Western audience, and as such I hope to bring them the attention that they deserve.

Reviews will be by the volume, unless it is a manga that is being serialized currently in Japan.

Manga you will not find here include anything that has been licensed for distribution in America (at the time of posting), or anything that has been otherwise widely distributed.

Also, I will probably make posts about the licensing of any of the series I have talked about here on this site, as well as recommendations and anything else Japan-related that I happen to feel is relevant. Whether it be the announcement of a new series by a favorite author of mine, or possibly about if an anime is being made for a series that I have reviewed before. I may even talk some about my translation work. Likely considering I will definitely talk about series that I translate. Though in the end, this will still be a review site. There will be no download links of any kind here, you’ll just have to search elsewhere for those.

Temporary: I will be posting reviews daily to try to catch up to all the series I have read, but once that is done (I will make an announcement) I will switch to a weekly schedule. Not sure when just yet, but I’ll know when we get closer.

The name MANga of Taste can be read a few different ways.  Man of Taste.  Obviously myself because I have good taste, etc.  Manga of Taste.  The manga I post about here will generally be quite good.  At least I think so.  Finally, MANga of Taste.  Let’s face it, I love Japan’s ridiculously manly manga.  If people are blowing up faces with their pinky fingers, I’m all about it.  If someone has strapped a gauntlet to his fist that can fire four shotgun shells into something when a punch is thrown, I’m right there with it.

As is, I hope that you find my site useful and pass on the information about all of the series reviewed and talked about here on my site. If you think that a series I’ve talked about sounds fun, then I highly encourage you to send letters to publishers about it, tell your friends, find people to scanlate it. Anything you can think of to get the manga some attention.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy.

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